Church Leadership

2018 Congregation Council

  • Jeff Dorand, President
  • Tom Kriner, Vice President
  • Kimberly Martin, Secretary
  • Bonnie McKenrick, Treasurer
  • Carol McCoy, Financial Secretary
  • Pastor Jane Nicholson
  • Aloma Dawkins
  • Tim Gotwald
  • Dorothy Hammer
  • Robert Hammer
  • Gertrude Kampmeyer


Much of our life together is accomplished through the work of parish committees.
Everyone is invited to be a part of any committee in which they have an interest!

Christian Education
Tim Gotwald, chair & liaison
Nancy Fricke, chair
Kim Martin, liaison
Tom Kriner, chair & liaison
Parish Life
Mary Beth Warne, chair
Bonnie McKenrick, liaison
Paul Holbrook & Jeffrey Dorand, co-chairs
Bob Hammer, liaison
Social Missions
Chair vacancy
Gertrude Kampmeyer, liaison
Gertrude Kampmeyer, chair
Steve Schumacher, liaison
Youth Ministry
Chair vacancy
Dot Hammer, liaison
Worship and Music
Gerry Wilson, chair
Aloma Dawkins, liaison
Nominating Committee
Aloma Dawkins, Bonnie McKenrick, Gertrude Kampmyer,
Bob Hammer, Kim Martin, and Tom Kriner