Children and Youth Safety

All adults (18 and over) working with children need to have background checks and clearances completed.  For volunteers who have maintained PA residency for at least the past 10 years, the following items are required:

State Child Abuse History

Paper application is available in the church office.  

State Police Criminal Record Check

 Paper application is available in the church office. 

Volunteer Disclosure Statement

This statement must be signed in front of a witness at First Lutheran. Please contact or stop by the church office during regular hours to sign this statement.

If you have not maintained PA residency for the past 10 years, you must do an alternate clearance instead of this disclosure statement. See info below.

If you have NOT lived in PA (continuously) for the past 10 years you will also need:

FBI Fingerprint Clearance

Please click the button below to begin this process. After being taken to the FBI Clearance website, please follow the instructions below.

  • Select “Digital Fingerprinting
  • Select “Pennsylvania
  • When asked for service code, type in: “1KG6ZJ
  • The closest location to have this done is 2397 Loop Rd. in Chambersburg.

FBI Fingerprint Clearance Information

Those who have not maintained PA residency for the past 10 years need FBI fingerprinting in place of the disclosure statement.

Using Clearances Obtained for Other Positions

If you have completed the above paperwork in the past five years for another job or volunteer position, you may bring a copy that documentation to the office.


General Information

Volunteers are able to attain each of these clearances with no charge with the exception of the FBI clearance.  First Lutheran will reimburse you for your FBI clearance if that is needed.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the office or Pastor Nicholson.