Serving Others

As followers of Christ we are called to love and serve our neighbors. Our Social Missions committee is our vehicle for doing God’s work in Christ’s name for the life of the world. This committee meets with local ministries and makes recommendations on the dispersal of budgeted local mission funds. This year First Lutheran in providing financial support for the following local ministries:

NETwork Ministries Building Project

NETwork ministries is a local ministry that provides an after school program revolving around Christian studies. They offer tutoring, piano lessons, dance, simple outdoor recreation, a community garden, and a more complex outdoor program which involves field trips and camping. They have recently acquired a new building and are renovating it to become a headquarters/dance studio/recreation hall.

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Maranatha Ministries

Maranatha Ministries include:

  • A food pantry providing food to several hundred families in the Chambersburg Area
  • Candleheart: A Gospel-centered life skills and re-habilitation program which helps people get back on their path from where they had once strayed.
  • Cold Weather Drop In Shelter: A temporary housing program for up to 20 single homeless persons each night from 1 December through 1 April each year.
  • Transitional housing provides for a temporary shelter for families while they seek a more permanent solution.

Chambersburg Conference Furniture Storage

The Chambersburg Conference of Churches offers furniture to people in need.

Salvation Army Fund

First Lutheran Church refers people to the Salvation Army for help with some of the issues that plague modern life.

Lutheran World Relief projects

Mission Quilters

Mission Quilters meet every Wednesday morning to cut, stitch, pin, sew, iron, and knot as we put together 60” by 80” quilts. Quilts are sent across the globe to areas where people are refugees or suffering the effects of violence or natural disasters. In addition to being a bed cover, they can be turned into baby carrier, a room divider, a place to display items in the market, a sack for carrying goods, a sunshade, or a shawl. In the past year our quilters completed 134 quilts! We are always looking for additional help—young or old, male or female—come and join us any Wednesday morning!

Personal Care Kits

Our members bring items to the church throughout the year kits. The kits are assembled in time for the in-gathering the first Sunday in October. In  2017 we completed 54 School kits, 39 Baby kits, and 40 Health kits!


First Lutheran sponsors Boy Scouts of America, Cub Scout and Boy Scout Troop 128 and a Brownie girl scouts troop.  Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts gather on Monday evenings and Brownie Girl Scouts meet Tuesday afternoons.

Meals on Wheels

First Lutheran provides the headquarters for the Chambersburg Meals on Wheels program, including using the kitchen for weekly meal preparation, for a nominal rental feel. Many members of First Lutheran also serve as volunteers to deliver meals five days a week to over 100 shut-ins.