Daily Devotions

We encourage our members to be aware of God’s presence in our lives with daily Bible reading and prayer. The Word in Season lists three readings and a brief meditation for daily use. It is available in Memorial Hall and upstairs as you exit the elevator. For folks who begin their day in front of a computer we suggest these resources:

Our Daily Bread at odb.org

At womenoftheelca.org/resouces-pages-5.php you can sign up for Daily Bread via email, or get it at the App Store or Google play, for your phone.

Family Devotions:
Visit the website  www.vibrantfaithathome.org offers ideas and activities for all ages from toddlers to teens. There you will find age appropriate prayers, Bible study, engaging activities for the whole family, and suggestions for how to talk about faith with your kids.

FAITH5 was designed specifically for families to have intentional conversation about faith and life, every night in every home. Its 5 steps — share highs and lows, read from the Bible, talk about connections between the reading and real life, pray together, and bless one another — help families build trusting relationships and form the faith of children who are more likely to grow into faithful adults. Find out more at www.faith5.org, or ask Kathleen.

www.d365.org offers a simple devotional each day, designed with young people and families in mind. Use it with your whole family, or to introduce the idea of individual devotional time to your children or teenagers.