Maranatha Food Pantry

195 Loudon Street, Chambersburg, PA 17201
(717) 264-7785

Budgeting Classes: Covering the importance of budgeting, budget setup, using credit wisely, consequences of credit, and how to set financial goals.
Budgeting Counseling: Using scriptural precepts for individuals and families experiencing serious financial difficulties, teaching them how to set up a budget, how to stick to a spending plan, how to negotiate with creditors to make payments that suit the clients income, teaching them how to overcome adversity so they can improve their life and become self-sufficient, how to balance a check book and any other education needed.

Representative payee services: Assisting individuals receiving Social Security Disability payments, which at the time are court ordered, to better budget expenses and to ensure that basic needs such as rent, food, utilities are met, as many of these individuals are taken advantage of because they are not capable of doing this themselves.

Transitional Housing: A structured 18-24 month program where we assist homeless families (with children) with housing, by providing temporary housing and either giving them supportive services, such as obtaining their GED if they have not finished school or our food pantry or referring them to the correct agency for job placement, daycare, etc. We help them with budgeting their money, saving for the future, help provide or refer them for all other life skills to help the families to achieve self-sufficiency so they become a part of the community and not return to being homeless again.

Pennsylvania Housing Counseling: Assist families and individuals in danger of mortgage foreclosure.

Grace and truth Fellowship: Counsel and minister healing in individuals and families, who are broken, through Jesus Christ.

Maranatha Food Pantry: Serving low-income and needy individuals and families.

Guardian of Life: Guardianship and Power of Attorney for the elderly. To help maintain a quality of life for those unable to help themselves. To make decisions and choices without sacrificing dignity and respect. With the love of Jesus Christ each person can pass over to everlasting life.