Church Leadership

2021 Congregation Council

  • Tim Gotwald, President 
  • Tom Kriner, Vice President 
  • Rose Wilson, Secretary 
  • Sally Herritt, Treasurer 
  • Carol McCoy, Financial Secretary 
  • The Rev. Jane Nicholson, Pastor
  • Freda Dorand, Deacon 
  • Jeff Dorand
  • Barb Evans
  • Warren Heintzelman
  • Mary Beth McGraw-Warne
  • Joyce Ray
  • Tedd Sloan
  • Gerry Wilson


Much of our life together is accomplished through the work of parish committees. Everyone is invited to be a part of any committee in which they have an interest! 

Faith Formation 

Tim Gotwald, chair and liaison
Joyce Ray, liaison 


Chair vacancy                                        Barb Evans, liaison 


Tedd Sloan, chair & liaison 

Parish Life

Mary Beth McGraw-Warne, chair & liaison


Paul Holbrook, Bob Hammer co-chairs 
Jeff Dorand, liaison 

Social Missions

Chair vacancy 
Rose Wilson, liaison 


Gertrude Kampmeyer, chair 
Warren Heintzelman, liaison 

Worship and Music

Gerry Wilson, chair & liaison